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Dancing at Oakwell Hall, Dec 08

Welcome to the web site of Colonel Valentine Walton's Regiment of Foot, the largest regiment in the award winning Fairfax Battalia.

The regiment was formed in 1974 and is part of the Fairfax Battalia of the Roundhead Association within The English Civil War Society. We portray aspects of military, civilian and domestic life during the English Civil War. More recently De Bergsche Battery from the Netherlands (Holland) have become affiliated with the Waltons and we join together for events. You can find a link to the Battery in our Links section. This site is also available in Dutch.

Walton's have a progressive attitude towards improving our understanding of the era and this is shown in the enthusiasm of our members towards "getting it right". We take pride in seeking accuracy, copying surviving examples of clothing and artifacts. Our regiment contains many skilled crafts people and experts on aspects of period life.

Despite the hard work needed in striving towards accuracy, we also have a relaxed attitude. A sense of humour is essential - we most definitely disprove the theory that you have to be "stuffy" to be interested in authenticity. Our membership is made up of people from all over the country and all walks of life, for example, young students, teachers, archaeologists, IT professionals factory workers and carpenters, many of whom have been in the English Civil War Society for over 20 years and some of whose children have grown up and married in Walton's! The family is important to Waltons members and our children play an active part in the reenactment events, as participants in role plays or just as children enjoying the beautiful surroundings we all get to play in!

This web site is primarily aimed at the general public and we'd like to hear from you. All members of Waltons can access and play a part in keeping the site up to date. If you want to know more after checking out the site, please use the 'Contact' section to request further information or join up and take part.

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Walton's Members
Members of Walton's regiment should contact the site admin via the contact form and let us know your email address and name details and any nickname that you would like to go by.

Once you are validated as a member, a logon will be set up on the site so that you can take full part in the site.

Walton's members receive these additional benefits from the web site;

- Access to
- private members forum
- private mail system
- Walton's only documents including warning orders as soon as they are published
- private photo album
- extensive on-line fun and games section (on-line games)

- Ability to
- contribute photos, articles, diary, links and news items
- make comments on any published item
- earn the right to have an on-line avatar

- Own an email address (yourname@valentinewalton.co.uk)

- Have a (very real) say in what the web site should be doing for its members.
Photos on this web site
There are many photos on this web site particularly in the photo book. Unfortunately I (the webmaster) do not know who took most of them and cannot attribute them properly. If you are the photographer or know who took a particular picture, please email me via the contact form with the picture name and appropriate photographer name and I'll attribute them correctly. Waltons members can edit the photo details directly in the photo book. Thanks for your help.
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